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    About arizona Culture, education, scenery, customs, tourism

    Feinikesi is Arizona's capital and largest city. Phoenix City, located in the middle of the state, population 580000. 15 colleges and universities in the state. The most famous is the University of Arizona, located in Tucson, founded in 1885, about twenty thousand students.
    Three: first, this is the most dry state in the United States. At the same time is one of the most irrigation districts. Second, GrandCanyon the most magnificent grand canyon scenery in the Colorado River Valley, located in northern honshu. Third is the best winter resort in america.
    Tourism in the state is very prosperous. In winter, dry climate is mild chlorine, cold. And there are two beautiful artificial lakes, there are two national parks, there are a lot of people in the Indian village population. The state terrain can be divided into three areas: (A) the southwest is a desert area, the terrain is very low. (B) central region is high, which has a north-south to the great mountains. (C) northwest of Colorado plateau. The Colorado river flows through the northwest of the state, and the small Colorado River confluence, the river valley is wider, deeper, the formation of the world famous Grand Canyon area.
    From road trips and breathtaking outdoor activities to the revitalization of resorts and authentic local cuisine, Arizona offers the possibility of a rich and exciting adventure. You can experience memorable and pleasant scenery, including the magnificent Grand Canyon National Park and the Nolan desert. Back to a quaint bed rest, eat breakfast, and live in a small inn has a long history of, or reward yourself to live in a luxury resort, enjoy the spa. Click on a link in the course of a champion golf course, taste the wine produced in the local vineyard, and taste all kinds of delicious food. In this year there are more than 325 days of sunny day, you can always enjoy the right out of the weather.

    State parks, national forests,
    Wildlife reserves and other historical sites and scenic 34. The main tourist areas is the Grand Canyon of the Colorado, the painted desert, petrified forest and meteorite crater.

    Arizona State University for many years ranked the forefront of the American Research University by the Carnegie Classification of institutions of higher education are classified as "high research activity research university" is a enjoy high reputation in the world universities.
    at Arizona State University in 2014, Shanghai Jiaotong University ARWU World University Academic rankings ranked No. 88, in the domain of the social sciences ranked No. 24, business ranked 22, computer science ranked the world's 32; in US News World University Rankings, the school ranked the world's 148, which major in public management, urban planning, the spread of news and the supply chain management are ranked the nation's top 10.
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