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    About south-carolina Culture, education, scenery, customs, tourism

    South Carolina tourism, the capital of Columbia City, the state belong to the coastal plain and the Appalachian Highlands in two natural areas.
    The famous scenic spots here to say is in the period of the war of independence, because British was stuck, several points, has become a war historical sites.
    The civil war left some historical sites. Now the preserved historic has become a major tourist. Among them, the most important historic point is Charleston city. There are many well preserved buildings.

    Culture and education: famous universities in the University of South Carolina (University of South Carolina and Clemson University Clemson University,
    the University of South Carolina has more than 200 years of history is one of America's oldest university. Also in the state of South Carolina also has the fourth workforce training programs, and in the past nine years has been ranked in the top five; more than 80 colleges and universities, 16 technical education center and technology intensive training center can provide first-class education and training opportunities.
    Numerous south across the State Art and cultural and recreational activities,
    Myrtle Beach golf course is regarded as one of the world's golf destination. Some of the historical legacy of the civil war became an important tourist attractions.
    Agriculture: South Carolina has been from the original agricultural state variable is now the industrial states, farmland is less than half of an area of the state, while the cultivated land accounts for only less than half of the farmland, agricultural income from crops, and the rest from animal products. The main agricultural products are tobacco, soybeans and cotton; livestock poultry, eggs, beef and dairy. The forest coverage rate of 62%, hardwood forest density is an important raw material of furniture industry.
    Plastics industry: the plastic industry in South Carolina, 4% of the annual rate of development, industrial workers accounted for 13% of the state's industrial workers, has become a chemical industry, automobile manufacturing, as well as the pillar of the high-tech industry. 1 people in South Carolina industrial workers have 8 people in the plastic industry service.
    Chemical industry: the total population of South Carolina is only 1.4% of the total population of the United States, the south of the industrial assets of 3.9% of the total industrial investment to beautify the investment, creating 4% of the industry. The processing of nuclear materials in the Sistine Savart the river nuclear plant (Savannah River nuclear solutions) is the state's largest chemical enterprise, invested more than $35 billion. Also stationed in South Carolina, DuPont (DuPont) and other large chemical companies, represented a variety of industries such as paper, pharmaceutical, synthetic fibers, etc.. In fact, south of the United States is the highest concentration of chemical manufacturers in the southeast of the country, accounting for 5.2% of the nation's total chemical companies.
    Textile: South Carolina textile industry in the manufacturing sector accounted for the absolute advantage, Spartanburg (Spartanburg), Greenville, Anderson (Anderson) are cotton textile industrial city.

    Religious belief, South Carolina population proportion: 86% Protestant (Protestant), 6% (Roman Catholic) Rome Catholic, 2% other Christian believers (Other Christian), 1% other religions (Other Religions), 3% non believers (Non-Religious), South Carolina before three Protestants: Baptist (Baptist:47%), Methodist, Presbyterian Church (Methodist:16%) (Presbyterian:30%).
    Public University
    (University of South Carolina): seven campuses in Columbia (main campus), Spartanburg (Spartanburg), Aiken (Aiken), Salkehatchie (Salkehatchie), Bo Fort (Beaufort), Lancaster (Lancaster), and Sumter (Sumter).
    (the Citadel)
    Clemson University (Clemson University)
    (South Carolina Coastal University)
    (College of Charleston)
    (Medical University of South Carolina)
    (Francis Marion University)
    (Lander University)
    (South Carolina State University)
    (Winthrop University)
    Private University
    (Allen University)
    (Anderson College)
    (Benedict College)
    (Bob Jones University)
    (Charleston Southern University)
    (Coker College)
    (Columbia College)
    (Converse College)
    (Furman University)
    (Morris College)
    (Newberry College)
    (North Greenville College)
    (Southern Wesleyan University)
    (Voorhees College)
    (Wofford College) [2]

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