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    South Dakota State is Pierre, which is located in the central part of the state,
    It is the largest gold producing state (gold deposit in Lawrence County in the state of west exit). It is also the first in the United States rye production, spring wheat yield of second of the state. Animal husbandry is also very developed.
    The eastern state of the state, there are ups and downs in the west. The most famous is the black dome BlackHills, close to the state of the West border. This is a piece of isolated granite dome, which belongs to the Precambrian, central peak elevation is second, 177 meters, surrounded by a plain. Granitic layer, with Paleozoic limestone tilt. After the dissolution of limestone, there is a big hole. The ground pressure is higher when the ground wind tunnel. The ground pressure is low when the wind blew out. Therefore, to become a famous wind tunnel. Wind Cave National Park WindCaveNationalPark has been set up here, this wind tunnel park is located on the southeast side of the black hill. Park North, a hill called Cruz motorized mountain, granite tor is, in the mountains of upper altitude of 2000 meters, engraved with the four president colossus (Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Theodore I).
    South Dakota is known as "the great stone face state" -- it to Mount Rushmore, and the Crazy Horse Monument known, to be precise, South Dakota Utah is a well-known scenic spots in the state. Its landscape is diverse, everyone can find fun, whether it is outdoor adventure and a long history of Western history, or the U.S. state of Indian culture and rich wildlife resources. In addition, the local residents are very friendly; visitors will see that when they pass by, many people waving to them.

    Custer State Park is a spectacular and beautiful park, with stunning views and wildlife, is the ideal place to watch the wild animals of North america. Park wildlife from the majestic beauty of mule deer to the ordinary white tailed deer can be described as varied, but the most notable also the number of bison, number of up to more than 1500, very spectacular. Park famous buffalo herds, deer, pronghorn antelope, deer, elk, coyotes and soil dial rats in here free walking, visitors can leave the freeway happy for several miles of hiking, cycling or riding on horseback, the shuttle in the paradise for nature lovers.
    Wind Cave National Park by Theodore Ross Fujian stand in 1903, the park is very strange, a park divided into two very different worlds, composed of two parts, is famous for its underground caverns. Wind Cave National Park underground part is composed of cellular calcite and lengths of up to 210.89 kilometers, almost 95% of the world have been found in the cellular calcite inhabited in this.

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