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    About colorado Culture, education, scenery, customs, tourism

    Is the capital of Denver, a population of about 599 thousand, for the Colorado state politics, trade, financial and manufacturing center. At an altitude of a mile high, it is also called a mile high city ". Colorado Springs (Springs) is a United States Air Force officer school. Larger cities have (Aurora) and (Lakewood).
    Colorado - the United States "the heart of the west", located in the west of the United States in the hinterland, east of the Rocky Mountains, four seasons here, the scenery is pleasant. The Alps is dotted with lakes, dreamy, national and state parks in the rare wild animals, let you enjoy the natural treasure; retro vintage train carrying you browse the charming scenery; National Park, the United States of the first peak, giant sand dune and State Park familiar, popular with tourists love. The most well-known Vail and Aspen skiing field is its unique geographical advantage, almost supernatural attraction, let countless ski lovers cherished. Dude ranch, cowboy town, natural hot springs spa, vineyards, brewery, features a bar, attracting numerous guests from afar.
    Natural feast
    1 Mountain Rocky National Park
    By Denver drove to the northwest driving less than an hour is the famous Rocky Mountain National Park (Rocky Mountain National Park). Is located in the park Evans mountain (Mount Evans) is the first peak, 43.4 meters above sea level, winding mountain road, trail ridge road is the highest road in the United States. Walk along the mountain road, from time to time to see the clear, such as the mirror of the alpine lake, and even the presence of rare animals. Elk, bighorn sheep, moose and black vultures, there may appear in your side. Park East Gate of Estes Parker will provide quality accommodation for every visitor.
    2 Canyon Black of Gunnison National Park
    Southwestern Colorado managed within the Black Canyon National Park, the world famous Black Canyon width of less than 335 meters, depth of 882 meters, Wei spectacular. This accommodation is also very convenient, West Montrose, east of the gunnison.
    3 Verde Mesa National Park
    Presence in the southwestern part of the Mesa Verde National Park is a world heritage within its jurisdiction about 4000 precious archaeological sites, including only by climbing the ladder to enter the caves on the cliff. Visitors to the visit from April to October, you can live in the local "Vision Hotel", where food is very famous.
    4 sand great Dunes National Park
    Central and southern Great Sand Dunes National Park and natural protection zone of mega dunes 213 meters high and stretches 80 kilometers, people can walk freely in the dunes, or slipping small sand road, a dive to the mound bottom of Connaught Mita.
    5 Fossil Florissant Beds National Monument
    Like dinosaur fossil and friends not to miss the northwestern Dinosaur National Memorial Hall, in the middle of the Florissant Fossil Museum and is located in the southeastern part of the Comanche national grassland. There is North America's largest dinosaur footprint sites. Located near Grand Junction Colorado National Monument, grotesque rock but I do not know where it comes from, has the mystery of the world geography difficult.

    Culture and education: Colorado public education, culture is more developed, the State University in energy, mining, environmental protection, biotechnology, pharmacology, genetics, new materials, aerospace, meteorology, telecommunication and computer field research is the world leading level. Currently there are Colorado mining college, Colorado State University, University of Colorado and other 8 well-known colleges and universities, 81 colleges and universities, more than 1 thousand and 771 public schools and 499 private schools, students 86. University of International Relations, University of Denver with the United States and China cooperation center.
    Colorado is a cultural and historical center, with rich tourism resources, winter is a ski resort, summer is a good place for climbers. Rocky Mountain National Park and May Shar Di National Park is the state's most popular attractions. The Olympic training center in Colorado, a "Denver post" and "Rocky Mountain News newspaper".

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