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    About delaware Culture, education, scenery, customs, tourism
    Horseshoe crab in Delaware
    Forest area of 1500 square kilometers, accounting for more than the area of 1/3. The main wood as maple, oak, pine, beech, chestnut etc.. The sand and gravel can be used for construction, and the clay can be used for building bricks. There was a corn, soybean, vegetables, fruits, eggs, dairy, soy, mushroom, barley, cucumber, watermelon, apple and barley; coastal and inland waters rich in fish, crab, and oysters of major agricultural products, farmers' cash income has more than half from poultry.
    Agriculture, poultry income more than 2/3 of agricultural income, in addition, nearly half of the land as agricultural use. [3]

    University of Delaware Referred to as UD or UDel, located in Delaware, Newark City, is one of the oldest first-class public research university. Now the University of Delaware has independent of land, marine, space and state support of scientific research institutions, not only accept public funds and accepting private donations and private donation to the University of Delaware has reached 9.62 billion dollars, by the Carnegie Endowment for International Education in return for high research university (very high research activity at the University), is the first institution of higher education in Delaware, is located in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry center, adjacent to the "chemical world" Wilmington, as a "public Ivy" famous colleges and universities and reputation.

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