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    About florida Culture, education, scenery, customs, tourism
    Disneyland, sea world, Universal Studios Florida, Florida is swaying palm trees and creeping jasmine, live oak and bamboo; Florida is "crocodile", black panther and gentle manatee,
    Florida is 1328 kilometers of beach, Florida is fishing in the world, is a diver's paradise; Florida is mercury, Gemini, Apollo and the first space explorers; Florida is in front of you fresh oranges and grapefruit; Florida is baseball, racing and golf.
    Florida is Basel art and decorative arts; Mexico is the sunrise and the sunset in the Gulf of the Atlantic, Florida.

    Marianne lowlands, the central highlands, Tallahassee hills and west highland. There are 17116 rivers in the territory, more than 30 thousand lakes. There are 17 first level. The Lake Okeechobee area of 1800 square kilometers, freshwater lake in the lake is completely belonging to the United States of America, second only to Lake iliamna Lake Michigan and Alaska, ranking third. [1]
    University of Florida was hailed as the public ivies, "U. S. news and World Report (US News)" 2016 national comprehensive ranked 47th, the 14th ranked the nation's public university; in the world university rankings ranked the world's 53,
    the nation's 35. Webometrics World University Rankings ranked seventeenth in the world. The times World University rankings. World class university rankings ranked 32 in the world. World university academic performance ranking (URAP) ranked 45 in the world. The southern sub tropical climate, the northern subtropical climate, rainfall concentrated in summer. Average annual rainfall of up to 1300 mm. The annual average temperature in Tallahassee is 20 C, 25 C in key west. Often 6-10 months of hurricane. [1]

    Miami is a famous tourist city in the world! Because of its unique climatic conditions, throughout the year can swim in the sea, located on the Atlantic side of up to tens of kilometers north and South Beach, is one of the most famous beaches in the world every year to attract a tens of millions from the tourists from all over the world!
    The United States is located in the southernmost seaside city - Miami is a tourist city famous for its global! The one and only climatic conditions throughout the year can swim in the sea, the Atlantic is located in the edge of up to tens of kilometers north and South Beach, is one of the world's most famous beaches, annually attracts tens of millions of visitors from around the world ten big city! The most concentrated in a famous site selection global beauty, topped Miami! Orlando, 3 hours drive from Miami so I live only on weekends or holidays, you can drive to this charming seaside city with rich Latin, let's enjoy the sunshine, beaches, coconut trees and bikinis!

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